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Our Professional Network

Our professional experience and personal local knowledge has lead us to develop an established network of the most suitable providers of specialty services that may be required to assist or enhance your treatment. We have direct contacts within Brisbane’s premier strength and conditioning coaching, sport specific coaching, podiatry services, massage therapists, sports medicine and orthopaedic surgical specialists for each atomic area, sports psychologists, psychotherapists, GPs specialized in mental health, nutritionists, naturopaths and acupuncturists. We can often assist with prioritised appointment in time sensitive cases.

Strength and Conditioning / Personal Training

Sport Specific Training


Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Surgical Specialists

Sports Psychologist

Chronic Illnesses

Mental Health

  • Dr Cathie Chan, GP – Specialized in Mental Health – Bardon – Phone: 07 3168 6000
  • Dawn Mead – Psychotherapist – Herston – Phone: 0409 420 371

Massage / Natural Therapies / Nutrition

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