“Hudson and Leia have really helped me get in tune with my body and have helped keep me healthy throughout my triathlon career. Their unique approach to physiotherapy has taught me how to engage and strengthen muscles that I wouldn’t otherwise use and helped me to attain greater physical limits – all with minimal additional effort.”

Ellie Salthouse

Australian Professional Triathlete

“Leia and Hudson have helped me so much through my triathlon journey. They make sure that my body is in top condition for training and racing. There is nothing they can’t solve if the matter is regarding the body, foot, hands or posture. They even taught me exercises to do to enhance and improve my body so that I’m able to improve faster and, most importantly, stay injury free.”

Bryce Chong

Singapore Junior Triathlete

“Leia and her husband, Hudson, have been associated with our triathlon club for the ten years that I have been a member. She had kept me moving and functioning well through race seasons however, in late 2014 disaster struck. My back completely seized up and I was unable to take more than a few steps without excruciating pain. The specialist I was referred to wanted to book me in for surgery straight away but I decided to seek Leia’s opinion and she agreed to help me. We worked very intensely at first with a series of gentle manipulations and exercises which I repeated at home to improve my core strength. Over the next couple of months progress was steady, and the interval between appointments increased. Gradually, I was able to walk further without pain and after three months I began to return to swimming. Following Leia’s advice and exercise regime for my core, my strength gradually returned along with my confidence to again begin competing. I feel stronger now than I ever did and am so grateful to Leia for saving me from the surgeon’s knife.”

Kitty Hamilton

Age: 64 years
Member of the Australian Age Group team at the ITU World Triathlon Championships, 2016

“I was referred to Leia and Hudson after having suffered from chronic back pain for 2 years and spending thousands of dollars on treatments in the hope of relieving my pain with no success. I had always been a very active person with a very healthy lifestyle. It wasn’t until I injured myself in the gym and my pain never fully subsided that I realised just how much chronic pain can affect your quality of life.

At the age of thirty I was living on pain killers to get through the day and sleeping tablets to sleep at night. I had tried every available treatment to help heal my body and reduce my pain. I had been told that there was nothing more that could be done for me apart from pain management. This is very hard to hear when you are still so young and have always been very active.

Leia and Hudsons’ treatments are not like any other physiotherapy I had ever experienced. The longer appointments really allow them to take the time to assess, treat and prescribe. I have learnt so much about my body and its deep stabilising systems. Everyone’s body is different but they had the knowledge and expertise to help teach me the techniques that would assist my body to become balanced and strong once again.

Today I am pain free and I am so grateful to Leia and Hudson for all the wonderful advice and knowledge that has helped me get my quality of life back.”

Brigitte Pink

Age: 33 years
Hobbies: BMX, Road Cycling, Triathlon, Gym, Dancing, Yoga

“In 2014 I started running because my friend said she could run 3km in 30 min. I’d never run before in my life but thought that sounded about right so the next day I gave it a try. I started running 2 minutes and walking 2 minutes and was able to do the same 3km in 30 min. Stop trusting this friend, I thought, as she was probably walking all the way!

Anyway from that point I got the taste for running and with no idea, I went crazy running like there was no tomorrow. And of course, I hurt myself and had a sore knee for a while. I paid a fortune to see a specialist who told me to stop running and get braces.

At that point I started seeing Leia. Since beginning treatment with Leia and following her prescribed exercises, I’ve been well and doing what I love again. She’s even fixed the chronic back pain that I’ve had for years and years.

I’ve learned that doing my exercises is essential for my body to keep running. When I stop doing the exercises she’s prescribed, the pain starts again. I still can’t believe that my back is not sore and that I’m running better than ever. Just did my first marathon a few weeks ago and I feel great.

I love running – it’s my therapy and keeps my sanity. So I can’t thank Leia enough for her excellent work. She’s very professional and has a priceless knowledge.”

Karina Dwyer

Age: 35 years

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